My successes. 

Lymphedema Therapy Source, PLLC. (LTS Therapy) is a therapy company specializing in lymphedema treatment, compression & education. Lymphedema is an incurable but treatable medical condition, which causes swelling, skin changes, infection & limb disfigurement, influencing a person’s mobility and quality of life. More than 120 million people are affected worldwide and up to one-third of all breast cancer patients. Due to a lack of diagnostic criteria among other reasons, the incidence of lymphedema is under-reported.

Working as an occupational therapist in home health, I encountered patients that I was able to help. This opportunity spurred me to get more training. I worked in outpatient and acute care to improve my skills. The more exposure I had, the more I knew there was a need for this specialty.

Prior to opening the business in 2011, I came to SCORE and met with Chuck Rudnick. He challenged me to verify my perception by facts and to come up with a plan for operations and income generation. I returned a few years later wanting to transition from a contract company providing both occupational therapy and lymphedema treatment to solely treating lymphedema. At the point of transition, my income had decreased from 2013 to 2015. I knew I needed help and returned to SCORE.

Last year my income more than doubled. The business has grown to provide treatment for homebound patients, but I also accept insurance for outpatient services and sell compression garments and I am beginning to accept speaking engagements. Never taking out a loan, I am proud there is no business debt. SCORE has been an excellent resource for business development. I continue to meet with Chuck to discuss the business status and barriers to success.

How SCORE helped. 

Chuck Rudnick made me aware of the need for a website for lead generation and provided excellent insight into goal setting, sales, and marketing. Stan Booth provided much-needed education in education in website optimization, which improved traffic to my site

What's great about my mentor? 

Their diverse knowledge and experience were of great value.