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Helpful Websites

Texas District SBA Offices, Regional Office and Disaster Area 3 Office. This offers valuable information re SBA activities and includes Business Assistance.

Provides national information on Counseling Opportunities, Score, Small Business Development Centers, Women's Business Centers and list of SBA District Offices. Also guides on Starting a Small Business, Financing, Management, Business Opportunities, and Disaster Recovery.

Official statistical information available to public from Federal Government Agencies tracking economic and population trends, education, health care costs, aviation safety, foreign trade, energy use, farm production and more. All of the statistical information available through Fedstats is maintained and updated by Federal Agencies on their own web servers.

Internal Revenue Service

This is the National Home page for SCORE. Here E-Mail counseling provides answers and assistance to people searching for information/help in getting started or in solving problems in their small businesses. If you view the Counselors skill list of 1,100+ counselors you will find more than 600 skill sets of active Counselors.

This is Texas at your fingertips. Includes auto registration and ID card services. Pay taxes. Occupational and Professional Licenses. Regional and Community Resources. Featured sites include Business portal, Environmental Resources, Texas Veterans, State and local Business Opportunities and others.

This site has more than 500 Sample Business Plans for browsing plus 60 free sample plans. Includes calculators for cash flow, starting costs, break-even, etc. Offers advice on Starting a Business, Marketing & Advertising, Growing your Business, Managing your E-Business, Legal Information, Purchasing a Business and Business Resources.

This is the site for Commerce Clearing House. Information includes Latest Business News and Information. Websites cover CCH Tax and Accounting, Business and Finance, Human Resources, Health Care Compliance, CCH Business Owners Toolkit and CCH Financial Planning Toolkit. Available are links to other websites.

Melissa has been operating for 20 years accumulating data relating to mail services, marketing, mailing software, address verification, zip code Lookup Directory and a host of other services.

This website is a service of Dun & Bradstreet, the worlds leading provider of business information for 160 years. This is a subscription service and does cover a vast number of information sources.

This website gives instant access to statistics on 65 different kinds/types of U.S. businesses. After selecting your type/kind of business, you can insert your estimated Gross Income and it will compute what all your expenses and income will be based on U.S. statistical averages. This is a source for many Business Plans. The National Business Statistics also covers Retail Industry Benchmarks and Profitability, Operating, Balance Sheet and Financial Ratios for all US Corporations classified by Annual Revenue and Total Assets.

Mentor Resources

Dallas SCORE Local Resources