Every advertising and marketing campaign should be designed to peak the consumer's interest in buying products or using your services. Whether targeting new markets or continuing promotions for an established clientele, all campaigns must be specifically tailored to your customer base. Presenting your business message in a positive, tasteful, knowledgeable manner will give customers or clients confidence in your products and services. These campaigns need to reflect the quality and variety of goods and services plus the personal attention your company offers.

On-going campaigns combined with the prompt delivery of advertising/marketing claims provide the recognition of your company's credibility. Some techniques that generate the best response are:

  1. clearly stating descriptions of products and services;
  2. defining guidelines of campaign time limits, quantity restrictions, rebates, etc.;
  3. offering seasonal promotions;
  4. satisfying customers with exchanges, returns, replacements, refunds, etc.

A creative advertising/marketing campaign can instill a comfort level in customers or clients, making them feel at home in your store or office. Of course, building an honest, reliable image of a business that offers superior products and services must be supported by a consumer friendly policy to establish the stability for company growth.

To help you create a specific "Advertising/Marketing Strategy", SCORE, A Resource Partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, offers free, confidential one-on-one business counseling with experienced executives plus a day long monthly Workshop for a nominal fee. For the location, phone number and counseling hours of the office nearest you, call our main Dallas SCORE Office at (214) 987-9491.

Advertising & Marketing Strategy