HR 101: Recruiting & Retaining High Performing Employees October 13, 2022, 9:00am CDT October 13, 2022, 12:00pm CDT

We will touch on the three major areas where you can create a positive change to your employment levels. Creative Recruiting, Effective Hiring Practices, & Defining your Organization's Culture are essential for every business owner. A better hiring process leads to recruiting the right employee and eventually a happy employee. 

Some additional items that will be discussed include:

  • Contractor vs Employee
  • Exempt vs Non-Exempt
  • Pay Range
  • Benefits

You don't want to miss the opportunity during our, Question & Answer Session, for you to interact with the Instructor who can assist you with any inquiries or concerns that you may have pertaining to "your" particular Business.

About the Presenter(s)


I have been equipping small businesses for years with extensive hands-on experience leading HR initiatives including policy design, compensation, performance management, recruiting, compliance, training and development, and benefits administration.

HR 101: Recruiting & Retaining High Performing Employees