Starting Your Own Business with help from Dallas SCORE

Starting a new business can be a baffling and confusing proposition especially for someone who has no prior experience in the process. Even for experienced entrepreneurs, the procedures and activities that need to be considered and handled can be challenging.

That's where SCORE counselors really can help, they've been there! These experienced individuals can save you time, conserve your resources and improve your chance of success.

There is no cost to you for SCORE counseling sessions - the first time or any time!

Whoever you are, whatever type of business you want to start, SCORE can help.

Visit any one of our office locations and meet the counselors, friendly interested mentors, one on one. They will guide you along the way to making your business happen.

Thinking about buying an existing business?

Talk to a SCORE counselor before you commit. They can provide helpful suggestions on how to evaluate an ongoing business to make sure that you get true value for your money.