The Newfound School and Learning Center, founded by co-executives Bill Robb, Ed.D and Marsha Guernsey, Ed.D, is a for-profit school. The school's focus is on students with learning challenges such as ADD, ADHD, Higher Functioning Autism and Asperger's.

Dr. Guernsey and Dr. Robb began their market research in late 2000. Six months later much had been accomplished: marketing and sales were underway; one half of a building was leased in Carrollton and furnishing the space as a school was completed. The first semester started with the planned number of students (13).  At present, moves are underway to buy the entire building and expand the enrollment to 30+ students by 2004, with annual revenue in excess of $500,000.

Dick Stringer was SCORE's main point of contact with Dr Robb and Dr. Guernsey during this formative period. Dick involved several other counselors whose skills were all applied with the single objective of getting the school up and running. Dr. Robb and Dr. Guernsey had these comments on their support from SCORE: "We had the good fortune to work with SCORE when we were planning for Newfound School and Learning Center and growing the school.   Dick Stringer, has been an invaluable resource and mentor and has contributed to the success of our business.  Norm Brown helped us incorporate and has provided us with sound legal advice.  Howard Sobel helped us with leasing.  We strongly recommend attending the SCORE Workshop. We know about schools and education, but the world of business is very different. The Workshop provided us with tools to get started.  We urge anyone who is considering starting a business to work with their SCORE counselor and to work hard to realize their vision."

Newfound School and Learning Center