The LEARNING BRIDGE serves as the bridge to lifelong learning by providing an enjoyable and educational experience to all members of the community desiring self-improvement. At The LEARNING BRIDGE you can take a class in a day or over the course of several weeks. There is something for everyone.

Laura Cobb, the founder of The LEARNING BRIDGE, is a 25-year veteran educator having served as a high school teacher and dean of instruction, an elementary principal, a director for a state department of education reform initiative, an urban city district central administrator, and a college professor. Most recently Laura has served as a senior executive in the education management industry, a freelance writer for over 14 magazines and periodicals, education editor for Family Digest Magazine and a sought after speaker on parenting and women's issues. Laura started The LEARNING BRIDGE in late 2004.

Assisting her in getting the business off the ground were SCORE counselors Lyman Bowe, Dick Linn, Shirley Lebman, and Jerry McMahan. She still contacts SCORE periodically to make certain she is not overlooking something that needs to be done to make her business a success.

April 24, 2005

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